The details about the Marijuana vary place to place since last few years. Along with the America, few other states were appealing the government to legalize the selling of the Marijuana in their respective areas. Many of the laws were enacted regarding the case, but few of them were taken seriously. There are a variety of ailments are associated with the medical influence of the Marijuana, but, finally, in the America, the selling was legalized by the government. Still, the sale and use of this item have remained illegal under the federal law. The result of using the product affects the health of the people, so keeping that in mind; the government has decided not to accept the proposal in accessing the selling of Marijuana in other parts of the country.

Issues raised by the Socialist Party

In the recent days, the efforts of the people are extended to a higher version, beyond the imagination by conducting campaigns as well as events to legalize its recreational use. Many of the Americans hail these types of efforts as the triumph of the average of the citizen over a draconian legal system that consists of the massive amount of nonviolent drugs unnecessarily, that affects the regime as well as the health of the people.

However, the accesses of these claims regarding the Marijuana have got the unique path to legalize the selling with appropriate solutions. Without any types of medical study and scientific knowledge, the production of Marijuana has been allowed by the government in the America. There are no clear guidelines and reliable methods to use the product, or indication of the potential side effects from prolonged use. Therefore, the critics have raised the questions regarding the movement of Marijuana in the city, which is becoming a trend among the citizens.

Critics have vehemently disagreed with facts that are provided by the government as they think that the information is not reliable for a person to use Marijuana in the daily life. The side effects of the product are unknown from the users; the research protocols have failed to show the humanitarian concerns for the suffering patients as well as the profits of selling the product was also not up to the mark. The medical reasons associated with the Marijuana are an essential part as many of the citizens are always affected by the continuous use of the product. As per the survey, many of the citizens are affected by the use of Marijuana in their daily life and quality of the Marijuana is also decreasing day by day. The market condition is even deteriorating. Still, people want to dominate their life on the product. which is why depositories and online smoke shops are exploding at an exponential rate . The majority mode of the Marijuana like the chemical compounds that remains smoking it, the scientists have found out the related number of threats after inhaling the Marijuana. Scientists have added that they have found hundreds of issues after inhaling the Marijuana by a person.